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[ Last updated : Jan.22, 2020 ]

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We have changed ISP 
 and now longer have ability to
 forward multiple email addresses...

 To contact any of the following
 include their name in the subject line 
 then mail to:
          i n f o AT a s t r e

    Eliminate the spaces and 
    replace the AT with the 'at' sign 
    (Trying to reduce SPAM)

 This email will be monitored daily 
 and the email will be forwarded 
 to the correct individual.


ASTRE Club Officers - 2017

ASTRE President

Alex Demarco

ASTRE Vice-President

Chuck Weiss

ASTRE Senior Advisor

Jeff Vincent

ASTRE Secretary

Tom Daley

ASTRE Treasurer

Ray Bedard

ASTRE Member-at-Large

Vince Giovanonne

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