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* Last updated on February 15, 2021 *


ASTRE, the Albany- Schenectady- Troy Rocket Enthusiasts of New York,
  is Section 471 of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).

ASTRE has been active in the Capital District, Mohawk Valley and surrounding areas since 1986.
  We have members from the entire region.

We welcome anyone with an interest in rocketry and space modeling to share in our activities.
If you live in the Capital District, or near the Capital District, and enjoy building and flying rockets,
  then we invite you to join us. Our membership spans all ages. Families are most welcome.
Membership in the NAR is not a requirement, and ASTRE is open to all.

See you on the field!


Message From ASTRE VP
Concerning 2021 ASTRE Section Meeting
Saturday, February 27 at 3 PM

-ASTRE will be holding a virtual section meeting
  for ASTRE members. 
-The meeting will be hosted by Alex DeMarco 
  using WEBEX software. 
-To attend the meeting you must send Alex your e-mail 
  e-mail address and let him know that you 
  want to attend. 

-Alex's email address is 
-Alex will send you an "invite" via e-mail.  
 Use the invite to sign into the meeting.  
 When you respond to the invite, 
  Alex will guide you through the sign in procedure. 
-You can attend the meeting using your computer
  or smart phone.
-If you attend using your phone ,the phone must be a 
  new technology phone.  
 Older style flip phones will not work. 
 Audio should be available to all but not video.
-The primary purpose of the meeting is to elect 
  members of the ASTRE Board of Directors for 2021.
-Other topics such as financial status, dues and  
  spring launches will also be discussed. 
-An e-mail about these elections were sent to the 
  new mailing list and a message was 
  posted on the ASTRE website approximately 
  two weeks ago. 
-If you are an ASTRE member, it is strongly recommended 
  that you join the mailing list.
The mailing list is now the primary means of 
 communication for ASTRE activities.
-Dates of activities will continue to be posted on the 
  website but activity details may not.

Thank you.

Chuck Weiss
ASTRE V.P.  2020


  • home page
  • To be part of the group, Send an email to:
    Intructions on how to join will be sent back to you.
    All group memberships will have to approved by the group moderator. 
    (not really a big deal ..just an extra step to give
    the club more control)
    Discussions will be shared this way...
    Club activities will now be updated via
    ( Go - No-Go for a launch for example )
    The activity information is then updated 
      on this WEB page in the News Section.


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