NAR Events and Local Requirements

List of Contest Events Sanctioned
  • C Egg Loft Alt (contestant provides egg)
  • A Payload Alt (contestant provides payload)
  • A Streamer Duration
  • A Helicopter Duration
  • 1/2 A Parachute Duration
  • 1/2 A Boost glide Duration
For specific info on the above events...
check the NAR site for event rules.
All NRC events may be flown.

(Note that the altitude events will use altimeters.)

ASTRE will provide:
* power, launch controller, and basic  launchers,
* stopwatches,
* measurement devices (gram scale and calipers),
* PerfectFlite FireFly altimeter (for ASTRE members),
* contest paperwork.

The contestant must provide:
* contest-certified altimeter for altitude events 
  -(if not using an ASTRE FireFly),
* NAR standard payload for payload events,
* NAR-legal egg for eggloft events,
* specialized launchers 
  -(towers, pistons, etc. if desired)