ASTRE conducts about 6 launches per year - see the main page for the schedule.

New to rocketeering? See what items we recommend to bring to a launch.

Competition/Sport Launches

Sport launches are purely for fun - launch as many or as few as you like, or show up and watch as a member or guest!

NAR-recognized Competition launches are to help you improve your model rocket skills and designs. There are a couple launches per year sponsored by ASTRE that are NAR-recognized.

Membership Required to Attend

If you’re interested in attending a launch, join today! Only ASTRE members or their guests can attend launches.

:warning: Due to launch site parking restrictions, launches are not currently open to outside spectators. Sorry!

If you are a member and wish to invite non-members as guests for a particular launch, send a request to at least 5 days before the launch.


The launch site is NEW for 2023:

89 Anuszewski Lane Greenwich, NY

Park off the road as much as possible. This is a private property where the owner is permitting us to launch this year, so please be courteous and pick up after yourself!

:warning: There are no bathrooms on the launch site. The nearest bathrooms are at a Hannaford grocery store about 6 minutes driving distance from the launch site - plan accordingly!

Maximum Motor Size & Weight

The maximum motor impulse for this launch site is full G(*). Maximum launch weight is 3.3 pounds.

(*) Some G motors are not classified as “model rocket motors” because of propellant type and cannot be used at this launch site. Check the motor classification on the National Association of Rocketry website.

Go/No Go Decision

If there are high winds or storms expected for the launch date, the launch will be canceled. The Rain Date Launch is only held if the primary date is canceled.

🚀 The Final [-Go-] / [-NoGo-] Status will be shared on the mailing list and posted on this site the evening before the event, usually before 8 PM.