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* Last updated on April 8, 2021 *


ASTRE, the Albany- Schenectady- Troy Rocket Enthusiasts of New York,
  is Section 471 of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).

ASTRE has been active in the Capital District, Mohawk Valley and surrounding areas since 1986.
  We have members from the entire region.

We welcome anyone with an interest in rocketry and space modeling to share in our activities.
If you live in the Capital District, or near the Capital District, and enjoy building and flying rockets,
  then we invite you to join us. Our membership spans all ages. Families are most welcome.
Membership in the NAR is not a requirement, and ASTRE is open to all.

See you on the field!


A P R I L    2 0 2 1    L A U N C H    D A T E

---------- A S T R E ----------
   S P O R T / C O M P E T I T I O N    L A U N C H

April 24th From 1PM To 5PM

The Week Prior to the Launch - Updates will be set via the ASTRE group
then updated on this WEB page
(The final NO - NO-GO will go out the day before by 8PM)

This Event Is Open To ASTRE Members And Guests Only
--- Click Here For COVID-19 Related Launch Rules ---

ALL NRC events are supported
with flight preference given to competitors.
- 1/2A B/G    - 1/2A SD    - 1/2A HD    - 1/2A PD    - 1/2A ALT    - B Payload

Location 'Washington County Fairgrounds' Greenwich,NY'
  - Directions -  

The maximum motor impulse for this launch site is full G(*).
Maximum launch weight is 3.3 pounds.

(*) Some G motors are not classified as "model rocket motors"
     because of propellant type and cannot be used at this launch site.
       Motor classification can be checked on the
         National Association of Rocketry website.

F U T U R E    E V E N T S

  • Remainder of 2021
  • ...subject to changes... WEB site will be updated as info become available

    • 05/08 - 05/22(rain date / optional second launch) Sport Launch /NCR Competition
    • 06/12 - 06/26(rain date / optional second launch) Sport Launch /NCR Competition(12th only)
    • 07/10 - 07/17(rain date / optional second launch) Sport Launch
    • 09/18 - (no rain date) / Sport Launch
    • 10/23 - 10/24(rain date only) Sport Launch

---- Optional second launch date 
      depends on interest after successful first scheduled date meet.


  • home page
  • To be part of the group, Send an email to:
    Intructions on how to join will be sent back to you.
    All group memberships will have to approved by the group moderator. 
    (not really a big deal ..just an extra step to give
    the club more control)
    Discussions will be shared this way...
    Club activities will now be updated via
    ( Go - No-Go for a launch for example )
    The activity information is then updated 
      on this WEB page in the News Section.


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