Meeting Minutes

Thanks to all who attended this year’s kick off meeting at the Clifton Park - Halfmoon Town Library!


  • Giveway - 4 rockets and engines
  • Elect officers for 2023
  • Equipment review
  • “State of the purse” report from the Treasurer
  • Proposed launch schedule
  • Website Status & Feedback

Follow-up Actions

  1. (Mark + Ray) Coordinate website changes, training, and transition
  2. (Alex) Follow up with Jeff on equipment needs for this year (free NAR $250 grant)
  3. (Alex) Get in touch with Washington County Fairgrounds about contract and scheduled dates for this year.
  4. (Vince) Look into the firehouse room to see if it’s available for a possible build session in August.
  5. (Mark) Look into other locations for possible build session in August
  6. (Jeff) Renew NAR charter and insurance


  1. Officer elections

    President: Alex DeMarco Vice-President: Bob Drosdick Senior Adviser: Jeff Vincent Treasurer: Ray Bedard Member-At-Large: Vince Secretary (incl. website): Mark Strasser Photographer and Associate Website Editor: Ray Bedard

  2. Review of equipment purchased last year

    Equipment purchase last year: Stop watches, rail launch system, possibly altimeter purchased with NAR grant. Alex will follow up with Jeff on needs for this year.

  3. State of the Purse

    Enough money is held in the checking/savings to cover the NAR insurance deductible as of this year. Dues will be kept the same price.

  4. Proposed launch schedule

    Saturdays 1-5 pm are still good schedule-wise. Jeff needs some help this year - please speak with Jeff if you would like to be in charge of equipment setup for one month. Dates are not yet final - they require negotiation with the Washington County Fairgrounds.

    Sport Launch Dates — May 13, 20 June 17, 24 July 8, 15 Aug - (no launches) Sep 16, 23 Oct 14, 21

  5. Website Status and Feedback

    Current website uses namecheap for $15 / year. Hosting service hostinger is $34 for 3 years and expires in 2024. SSL certificate must be updated by June 4.

    New proposed website design looks good. The big benefit is mobile view. Suggested changes: include photo counts, add vendors section, post changes/news for go-no decisions.

    A major concern was to minimize cost ($5/month is too high unless dues are raised). Mark will cover expenses of the new site for this year while we work out the best low-cost option.

  6. Miscellaneous Discussion

    There was discussion of a build event / get-together in August. Location and time TBD. Vince will check on the firehouse room to see if it’s available - it’s been previously used for these kind of events.

    Discussion of designating a special month as “Newcomer’s Launch” to encourage new members prompted a discussion about the Washington County Fairground requirement that all attendees must be members. For now, there’s no resolution on this item.