Helpful links on model rocketry.


Links to National Association of Rocketry resources.


Looking to buy model rocket kits or engines? Here’s where we buy from.

  • Adirondack Train and Hobby - local store, great for last-minute purchases on the way to the launch site! Open Saturdays. 946 Route, 29 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

  • Apogee Rockets - great store to buy composite motors and more advanced rocket kits! Great videos on introduction to Rocketry under the How To & Guides section.

  • Estes Rockets - the one and only! Makes many rocket kits for all skill levels, Beginner through Pro.

  • Hobbylinc - online retailer, can purchase rocket motors in bulk. Great selection and prices!

  • Hobby Lobby - local stores in Latham and other areas. Limited rocket selection, can find some good deals!


Older links, but they still check out.