Meeting Minutes

Thanks to all who attended this year’s kick off meeting at the Clifton Park - Halfmoon Town Library!


  • Elect officers
  • Equipment review
  • “State of the purse” report from the Treasurer
  • Proposed launch schedule
  • Website status
  • Rocket and equipment raffle

Follow-up Actions

  1. Mark will follow up on rocket finder solutions, targeting less than $250.
  2. Mark will reach out to Washington County Fairgrounds to see if there is any availability for us to fly there.
  3. Mark will work with Ray to adopt Google forms as a way to handle membership applications and renewals.
  4. Alex will send links for a vendor links page.


Officers were kept the same as last year.

  1. Officer elections

    President: Alex DeMarco Vice-President: Bob Drosdick Senior Adviser: Jeff Vincent Treasurer: Ray Bedard Member-At-Large: Vince Giovanonne Secretary (incl. website): Mark Strasser Photographer and Associate Website Editor: Ray Bedard

  2. Tentative flying dates (pending landowner approval):
    • May 18th
    • June 22nd
    • July 13th
    • August 10th
    • September 14th
    • October 12th The rain dates for all events would be the following Saturday. If that is also cancelled, then we will skip that month and move to the next event date. Dates have been submitted to John for review.
  3. June 22nd will be an Open House event. More to come on this.

  4. We discussed the possibility of requesting NAR funds for a rocket finder tool.
    Mark S. will investigate options Alex will write the grant application once we have identified what we want.

  5. A high level review of the launch equipment was made, we should be OK for the upcoming season. Standard clip maintenance needed.

  6. We have enough funds in our savings account to now cover the insurance deductible.

  7. Website: Domain name will be renewed by Ray. Mark is handling website charges.

  8. The business meeting concluded with raffling off kits that Alex had brought.